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nayomihataki asked:

" I'm a phycopath. I've been killing and stealing since I was a little girl. Its second nature to me now and I enjoy it"

He shifts somewhat uncomfortably in his seat and tilts his head. “That doesn’t really incline me to trust you very much. There won’t be any stealing and most likely no killing, and what’s to stop you from killing me once you get your payment?”

thewhispersisters asked:

Squeak leans down, and kisses him. "Aww... are you jealous that you've only cum once?" She giggles. "And it's only been two for me."

Mar shakes his head and giggles. “Nah, I’m more concerned about your pleasure than mine. Are you sure it was only twice though? I coulda sworn you came twice from the pegging alone earlier…”

nayomihataki asked:

" I dont do this stuff for money love" the mare said leaning back.

Mar crosses his arms and raises an eyebrow at her. “Oh really? What’s your reasoning then? Only reasons I see to be a merc is for money and action, and there are certainly safer ways for the latter that still get the former.”

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